Patryk Laurent, Ph.D

Senior Scientist
Brain Corporation
San Diego, CA


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I'm a cognitive scientist working on solving hard problems in perception and learning for robotics. I use insights from neuroscience, design, and software engineering to enable robots and internet of things (IoT) systems to learn how to perceive and act in the real world.

My current work focuses on building intelligent systems by immersing learning algorithms in continuous real-world data.

Research Interests
  • Unsupervised, self-supervised, and reinforcement learning
  • Recurrent neural networks
  • Continuous/temporal inputs (audio, video)
  • Robotic perception and action
  • Visual attention and information selection
Development Interests
  • Agile/iterative development
  • User interfaces, touch- and speech-based
  • Hardware-software integrated systems
  • Mobile robotics platforms
  • Distributed computing